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Mother of all speedcams 


MAKERS of the dreaded Gatso speed trap are set to clobber motorists with a monster camera.


The Multi-Camera System is fitted with a car-zapping FOUR different lenses.

Three take stills, while the fourth videos back-up evidence.

They can be placed in pairs so if one is triggered the next takes a close-up of the motorist’s face with a non-dazzling infra-red lens.

This would stop drivers trying to avoid penalty points by claiming a pal or relative was at the wheel.

For the first time, the machine — dubbed the “mother of all speed cameras” — will be able to patrol four lanes of traffic simultaneously.

It will mean there is no escape for motorists even on the widest UK motorways.

It can also be mounted at traffic lights and box junctions and hold 60,000 images on its hard drive which can be downloaded instantly.


Face recognition ... are Cybermen
behind metal cam monster?


It is set to cost at least double that of a current 50,000 Gatso. And it even has SPIKES to deter vandals, making it virtually maintenance-free and more economical.

Auto Express editor David Johns said: “This will send shivers down the spine of every motorist.

“Cash-greedy safety camera partnerships will find the device a pretty attractive proposition.”

Campaign group Drivers Against Detection said: “This is yet another cash maker.


Old style ... one-eyed Gatso
Old style ... one-eyed Gatso
Picture: REX


“It will clobber motorists, hitting them hard in their wallets again. All these cameras are going to achieve is constantly persuading more motorists to go underground to avoid fines and tickets.

“It’s time to say enough cameras and spend the money putting more coppers on the streets.

“Cameras slap fines on motorists while the real criminals are getting away scot-free.”

The Dutch system is made by Gatso manufacturers Gatsometer and is on trial in mainland Europe.

It would need Home Office approval before being used here. A Home Office spokesman said: “This equipment is not type-approved and therefore cannot be used in the UK at the moment.”

A spokesman for Gatsometer’s UK distributors Serco said: “It may well be something we will bring in the future.

“If local camera partnerships want them they could be here within 12 to 18 months.”

The Microfuzion speed camera detection system will detect this new camera ensuring your licence is protected and you are made aware of severe dangers spots where this camera will be used.


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